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Offshore Rigging Jobs Wages

Starting off as a rigging roustabout trainee, you can expect to see around 50K year. As you gain experience, those rates go up considerably, with the lead rigger offshore earning in the 60K+range.

Further increases are dependent on advancing in skills to become an assistant crane operator or crane operator; wages for these jobs can reach 80K or more, but will take time as well as earning the appropriate certifications.

Keep in mind that these rates are for the entire year, including time off. There aren't too many jobs that pay this well that also include having six months off a year as part of the deal - as well as the opportunity to travel. 

Offshore Rigging Jobs Advancement

Advancing in your career and earnings potential doing offshore rigging work is mostly a matter of time, experience and skill.  Lead rigging roustabouts are working directly with the crane operators and their assistant, learning their jobs as well as mastering his own. 

After working for a few years as a rigger, it isn't unusual to see lead rigging roustabouts earn their crane operator certifications. Once you have done so, having rigging experience as well as offshore experience will open up a lot of opportunity to move up the ladder, first as an assistant offshore crane operator, then as the lead Crane Operator offshore. 

It is common for entry level offshore riggers to move on to operator positions, so don't let a lack of experience hold you back; many offshore started at the bottom and worked their way up.

Getting Hired for Rigging Jobs Offshore

Getting hired for offshore rigger jobs is more than a matter of being at the right place at the right time - it takes planning and a little strategy, knowing who is hiring and how to apply.

Rigworker has a great reputation in the oil business as a great service for assisting folks in getting hired for riggers jobs offshore, even without previous offshore work experience.

The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit has help led countless men and women to learn which companies are currently hiring, and helped them to apply directly with those employers.

To learn more about getting hired for rigging jobs offshore, be sure to sign up for our free offshore employment guide, a six-part manual on finding work offshore, experienced or not. There is no obligation, and we will be happy to teach you what it takes to land work offshore.

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