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Onshore or offshore, being a rigger is an important job. These are the guys who work with the crane operators to rig up loads and move them to the required location. Simple, right? Not really. There is quite a bit more to rigger jobs than simply hooking a load to a crane.

There are many different kinds of loads, and they all have very specific rigging requirements. Some examples of loads include bundles of steel rods, drilling tower components, heavy construction equipment, steel plates, cargo bundles, metal beams, platforms, pre-fab structures, and just about anything heavy you can think of.

A rigger is responsible for attaching and detaching the lifting equipment to the different kinds of loads as well as the devices used for lifting. They choose the booms, braces, cables and pulleys to be used for any specific lifting job, ensuring that the selection has the needed strength for each job.

It is essential for riggers to know how and where to hook up the chains, hooks and cables used to lift safely. There are many situations in which the riggers will actually construct equipment surrounding the gear to be lifted.

When the gear is lifted, the riggers communicate with the crane operators, using hand signals and voice communication to guide the lift into place and help direct the operators of the crane into correctly moving the load being lifted to the correct location.

As the recovery strengthens, so do the many job opportunities for riggers, both offshore and on land. While the state of the economy certainly plays a role, if you are looking specifically for rigging jobs offshore or in the oil industry, you are fortunate - the need for oil grows every year, as does the need for oil industry workers.

Skilled workers offshore are always in demand. Whether just starting out as a rigger, or a crane operator with many years of experience, working as a rigger offshore is a much better bet than many career paths these days, and the rewards are simply huge.

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