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There are riggers jobs offshore on every single oil platform exploring for or drilling and producing oil or gas from the offshore rigs. Offshore riggers are typically roustabouts, who instead of working directly with the drillers, instead train and work as riggers with the deck crew and the crane operators.

The offshore rigger plays a critical role, and his job is an important one. Working with the crane operators or their assistants, they hook up lifting equipment on the cranes to a wide variety of loads and equipment, helping transport them around the rig, and from the supply ships to the deck of the oil rig.

Job Advancement for Offshore Riggers

Most offshore riggers will start off as a maintenance roustabout, performing unskilled labor on the decks of the drilling platform at the direction of the maintenance supervisor.

Once they have proved themselves to be good workers, they will be given the chance of working with the rigging crew, loading and unloading supplies from the cargo ships, and moving gear around the deck of the offshore platform.

As the offshore rigging roustabout become more versed in the techniques used in rigging loads for an offshore crane, they can eventually advance to the important role of lead offshore rigger, where they will be the ones directing the attaching and detaching of loads to the crane.

While offshore rigging jobs pay very well, many riggers offshore will choose to advance in their training and skills. After gaining a good deal of rigging experience, it is common for the offshore rigger to gain certification as a crane operator.

Once he or she has done so, they become eligible for promotion to the assistant crane operator position, and from their can move on to become the offshore crane operator. Promotion opportunities for the crane operators include becoming a deck foreman or supervisor.

Getting Hired for Riggers Jobs Offshore

Getting hired for offshore rigger jobs is more than a matter of being at the right place at the right time - it takes planning and a little strategy, knowing who is hiring and how to apply.  

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