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Welcome to the Offshore Riggers and Crane Operators Jobs website! If you are interested in finding work offshore as a rigger or a crane operator, you have come to the right place.

While rigging and crane operating skills are pretty similar whether onshore or offshore, there are some real important differences. However, there are some great training programs state side we can fill you on, as well as show how exactly the steps to take that will help you land rigger jobs or crane operator jobs offshore, even if you don't have previous offshore experience.

Rigger Jobs Offshore

Experienced riggers typically have no problem finding work on an offshore platform as rigging roustabouts. These guys are pretty much full time in helping the crane operator and crane operator's assistant help rig up loads for moving around the decks, as well as loading and unloading the cargo transport ships.

Even without rigging experience, however, you can still land work on an offshore rig as a roustabout, just at a lower level, such as maintenance roustabout. But you can train with the experienced rigging roustabouts, and soon have a bona-fide rigger job. From there, you can move up to the senior rigging roustabout position, and even learn to actually operate the crane.

Crane Operator Jobs Offshore

For experienced crane operators, if you haven't worked offshore before, you'd probably start as an assistant crane operator, or the lead rigger. Once you have some offshore operational experience under your belt, you can move on and become the main offshore crane operator.

There are some great training programs that will give you a leg up in becoming an offshore rigger or offshore crane operator, so check out our training page. There are programs state side and worldwide for both riggers and crane operators, and having one of these programs under your belt will give you a leg up, as well as increase your skills - always a great investment.

Wages offshore are definitely better than average, which is a lot of the appeal, but there are many other benefits as well - the adventure, having a lot of time off to enjoy that extra income, as well as developing a real in demand skill set. Experienced offshore oil workers are in demand all over the world.

If landing work as a rigger or a crane operator offshore is something that appeals to you, then read on - we will show you exactly how to begin an exciting work on the rigs offshore, and from there, anywhere in the world.   

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